"Great people and art"

Experience as a Portraitist

Getting a warm and trusting atmosphere allows the person to feel relaxed and at ease to bring out the best in their being. The last few years as a photographer have allowed me to meet people from all over the world and from different cultures who enrich the image with their personalities and the stories they carry within. I love to share these stories, reflect them and give them colour.

The portrait as a first impression.

The portrait expresses a lot about us, it gives a first impression that leads us to quickly identify the person. Then, the portrait can be shaped according to the use that will be given to it. 

There are meticulously produced and created portraits that are generally used for the theatre, there are portraits that are more destructured where we try to make the character forget that he is in front of a camera, others are more spontaneous and fresh and still other portraits should show our more serious side, such as portraits for professional use. 

Almost full time, I shoot in the city of Paris, I have a great demand from tourists who want to take away souvenirs from the most emblematic places of the City of Lights.

This is why I also make proposals for those who want to be part of a Parisian postcard, visiting the most beautiful corners of the city.

Creative Portraits

Among the portraits I do are personal portraits, advertising portraits and artistic portraits, for which you can see the influence of fashion. Here are some examples from the beginning of my career, 10 years ago

People and their art

A very rewarding moment is when the artists offer me to photograph them. It is an experience of constant exchange, to capture the dynamics and fluidity of their movements.

Let's talk about putting ideas into practice!

Would you like to see yourself in creative portraits?