Francine & Jay

Once upon a time…

Francine contacted me one day telling me about the eccentricity of her wedding. She’s Argentinean, her husband is Argentinean. They had already been married in Argentina but wanted to realize their dream of getting married in Paris. It was an Armenian wedding.

The day began in an apartment in the heart of Paris, where Francine was preparing for the event with her best friend and family. 

Her fiancé had to pick her up with a gift in his hands with all the guests and she had to go out and say hello from the balcony.

Together with their guests they walked to the Armenian church through the city of Paris, stealing looks from people passing by on that unforgettable sunny morning.

Their goal: to promise each other love for life.

Happy the bride and groom promised each other love forever in a very particular ceremony. 

ans then…

They left for a very chic boat on the river Seine where they were expected to toast and celebrate.   

They danced and sailed along the river Seine passing by the Eiffel Tower, the bride and groom shone brighter than the sun that day.

· The End ·

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