About me

I’m Paula, a South American photographer who has been living in Paris since 2018.
I was born in Tucum├ín, in the north of Argentina in the 90s. Very young I was passionate about art, instilled by my father, a painter and stained glass artist. It is from there that my main interest in the work of “color” was awakened and can be felt in each of my pictures. For me, colour is the fundamental aspect that gives an atmosphere to photography. I work on colour palettes that invite the viewer to immerse himself in the story that photography wants to reveal.


Ten years ago, I started my career in Argentina where I forged my photographic bases through the photo of “Mode”. In 2018, I moved to the French Blue Coast, where I developed an artistic project entitled “The improbable history of fantasy”. After this interlude on the shores of the Mediterranean, I moved to Paris to be surprised by the city of my dreams.

For many years I worked as a social photographer, where I acquired a great capacity for communication and empathy, traits of humour and confidence that I share with people on a daily basis, and which are reflected in my photographic work.

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