Paulie Delic, a world in photos


~ Welcome to my Website! ~

My name is Paula, I’m Argentine, originally a fashion photographer, two years ago I decided to take a trip that would change my life 180º, to move to France. The trip started in the French Riviera, a place that inspired me and helped me to find myself in a totally new photography, it encouraged me to open my way and expand my work to another level. I decided to move to Paris to continue training and growing professionally. In 2019 I exhibited a work called PARIS INCUNNU in the 11th arrondissement of Paris and I am currently working on a book called “LES AMES DE PARIS”.

I invite you to look and enter my universe through the camera, that’s how I see the world. This space contains the most outstanding works requested by the public. Here you can discover what my style is and how I use colors and compositions. I will be able to know you through your messages and you through my photographs and BIO, do not hesitate to contact me for any question, idea or simply to recommend a music album, I am at your disposal, through CONTACT you can communicate with me via phone, e-mail or any of my social networks. I am in the beautiful city of Paris and I am moving because I love to travel. Below I leave you the discounts, promos and new!

Paulie Delic, Paris – – 0761079088